These instructions are for the Cisco SPA508G desk phones from Cox Communications. (written February 5th, 2020)

On the desk phone, press the button that has an icon of an envelope and enter your voicemail PIN when prompted. Everything can be heard and recorded through the speakerphone if you don't want to use the handset. By default, the PIN is 269266. If you've changed the PIN and don't remember it, contact the appropriate tech person below to have it reset.

WHS - Michael Sanchez

WMS - Mitchell Scheffler

Elementary and all other buildings - Kim Nielsen

Follow the prompts to work with your greetings (3). After that, it gets complicated because there are multiple greetings and a recorded name that may need to be changed or deleted depending on what the previous user had set up and what you want to use. If you want to use the same greeting for all situations, then record your message with option 1 and then make sure the rest of the greetings are deleted. Otherwise, you'll need to record a different greeting for each option you want to use and activate it. I don't think the recorded name (6) can be deleted, so you'll want to record your own name if the recorded name is active. Most of the time *2 will repeat the menu options. If your voicemail messages are not getting sent to you as email messages, contact the appropriate tech person to have it setup. Also, contact the appropriate tech person if your phone refuses to record a new message.

1=personal greeting for all calls
2=no answer greeting
3=busy greeting
4=out of hours greeting
5=extended absence greeting
6=recorded name for system greeting