To add another staff member to your course, please DO NOT add them in as a teacher. When we run the sync it looks at who is in Powerschool for the course, and anyone who has been added to the course with either the Teacher or Student role–but is not listed in Powerschool–will be deactivated in that class.  

To work around this, we have created the additional roles of Team Teacher, SPED Teacher and Class Observer. Team Teacher and SPED Teacher have the exact same permissions as a normal teacher. Class Observer is permissions like a student.

There is no way for a teacher to reactivate (or even delete) a deactivated user in their class. Please submit a helpdesk ticket with the course name and number, staff member name, and the role they need to be assigned if a staff member has been deactivated.

1. Adding a new user with these roles is easy. Select Users from the Left-hand menu.


2. Go to the “Find Users to Enroll” area.


3. And when you get to the part where you enter their username, use the drop-down menu to change the role that they will be assigned in the class.