Author: Bruce Zabel of WMS.

1. Create a new blank Excel spreadsheet file and enter the words, “Email Address” in cell A1.

2. Click on the backpack icon for the desired class section in PowerSchool.

3. Click on the “Email Addresses” link at the top of the left margin of the Email Addresses and Lists page that loads


4. Select the email addresses from this page that you wish to include in the Gmail contact list.

5. Before clicking on the blue “Build List” button in the lower right area of the Email Addresses and Lists page,

change the Delimiter Type from the pop-up menu to “Comma.”

6. Click the “Build List” button and copy the block of email addresses that populates the Build List area.

7. Paste the block of email addresses that you copied from PowerSchool into cell A2.

8. If the block of email addresses displays all in one row, change the formatting as described below to get all of the

email addresses in one column (Column A).

A. Click on the “Data” menu, select “Text to Columns,” and make sure the “Delimited” choice is set on the first

first window, click “Next,” and check the box next to “Comma.” If other boxes are selected, uncheck all of them

except for “Comma.” Click “Next.” On the last window, make sure “General” is checked. and click “Finish.”

B. Select and copy the entire row (Row 2) that contains all of the email addresses.

C. Click into the next blank cell in Column A (A3) and, from the “Edit” menu, choose “Paste Special”. From the

“Paste Special” pop-up menu that appears, check the box next to “Transpose” and then click “OK.”

9. Once the email addresses have been transposed into Column A, you should delete the row (Row 2) where they all

originally appeared in the same row.

10. Repeat steps 2-8 for as many other PowerSchool class sections that you want to include in the same Gmail

contact list.

11. When all of the email addresses that you want included in your Gmail contact list are successfully pasted into

Column A of the Excel spreadsheet, choose “Save as” from the “File” menu in Excel, type a file name of your

choice into the “Save As:” field in the box that pops up, select your preferred save destination, and then select

“CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) from the “File Format:” menu. Click on the “Save” button.

12. Login to your Gmail account and select “Contacts” from the available Google Apps menu.

13. Click on the “More” option right below the “Create label” option to expand the menu options.

14. Click on the “Import” button that is directly below the “More” option. When the “Import Contacts” pop-up

window appears, click on the blue “Select file” button and navigate to the saved excel file from Step 11.

15. Highlight/select the saved Excel file and then click the blue “Open” button.

16. Click “Import” and all of the email addresses in the saved Excel file should now appear as a new label in your list

of Gmail contacts. The new list will be named “Imported on (Today’s Date).”

17. Mouse over the Label name to edit and rename the new Contact List to a name of your choice.