When you're in a Westside school...

Tap Settings

Tap Internet/Network/Connections (named differently depending on phone model/OS version)

Tap Wi-fi

Tap Westside Wireless (If you don't see this network then your phone is too old to use the school's wi-fi network)

Leave the EAP method on PEAP

If the phone insists on a selection for Phase-2 Authentication, then use MSCHAPV2

Tap CA certificate and tap "Do Not Validate" (might say Don't Validate)

Tap Identity and enter your lastname.firstname

Leave Anonymous Identity blank

Tap Password and enter your Westside email password

Tap OK

Note: some Android phones may say "No Internet Connection" for as long as a minute before saying "Connected". Some Android phones never connect, sorry!

If you need access to youtube or anything Google related, you'll need to install our Internet certificate.

Open Chrome

Tap in the address bar at the top

Type in guest.westside66.org

Follow the instructions on the page for Android