If your class is on Blackboard and your students take tests using Blackboard, I worked with Bridget Brown to find a solution for students that use accommodations. If a student has an accommodation that allows them extended time requirements, then you need to set the time on Blackboard as unlimited time.  This will allow students to finish the test at a different time.  You will be able to see how long they took to finish the test.  (Bridget made a video with the directions.)

The other problem we discovered this morning, for students that need a test read is the test randomizes the questions.  Setting the test to randomize the questions is great to reduce cheating, but makes reading a test difficult.  It also makes it impossible to read a test to a student that is an extended learner.  For students that use accommodations on Blackboard you can create a group on Blackboard.  Bridget provided a video for how to do this.  Then when you assign a test for students that have accommodations you can give them a test that is not randomized.