If you are at the Elementary School level and have a 3rd-6th grader who's Logitech keyboard is no longer registering keys when pressed on the Logitech Keyboard, please try the following:

1. Please make sure the iPad and Keyboard are setup in the following position. The keyboard will only connect and be recognized in this position.

2. If the Keyboard is in the above position and still not responding, proceed to perform a Forced Restart on the student iPad:

  • Press and hold the (Power) & (Home) buttons and don't let go until you see the white Apple Logo appear on the screen. If the iPad doesn't restart, let go of both buttons and try again, it can be tricky to keep the Power button held down with the case sometimes.

3. Try removing the iPad from the Logitech Keyboard case, and putting it back in.

If the Logitech keyboard still isn't responding after trying the following above, please contact your school's Tech Support member via email to TechHelp@westside66.net.