If you are having problems printing from a Mac involving Printer Drivers, there is a known issue we are already working on with the print servers and Eakes. Until we have a seamless solution, I’ve worked out a manual solution that has worked for most people.

Note: If you are in a rush to print, you may have faster success simply printing from your iPad to a student Printer.

I’ve attached a pair of print-driver installers.
The MX-C55 driver is for the copiers, and the HP_Easy_Start installer is for the student printers.
Install each of these Printer Drivers, then restart your computer.*

Once you have both of these installed and have restarted your computer, you should be able to print to the copiers and to the student printers.

Note: The copier driver has been updated for increased compatibility.

It’s possible you will need to delete and re-add printers if they don’t work immediately.
Your computer may also continue to nag that you need new drivers but will continue printing anyway.

You can also share this information with others.

We are hoping to have this sorted soon, but we want people to have printer access while we work on it.

*Some of you will run into an issue where the installer will stop because the publisher is not recognized. 
Don’t worry, that’s just the computer‘s security being cautious. 

(Pictures are examples, and may not match the text exactly)

  1. Go immediately to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

  2. On the first tab (General) you will find a message that the installer attempted to open but was blocked, along with an option to allow it to allow the installer now.
  3. Select the allow option, and the Installer will start for you. If you wait too long after receiving the warning, this message will not be present. In that case, you will have open the installer again, then return to the security window to allow it.